​I came to yoga through love of movement, passion for anatomy and interest in mental health.

Combining a few of my favourite things  - movement, biomechanics and mindfulness; yoga became a fixed part of my life, providing a relief and support for my body and mind while studying for a degree in dance.

Being the 'creative scientist' that I am, in my classes I like to focus on creating stability and mobility whilst finding freedom of movement, through sequences infused with a personal dash of playfulness and creativity.


Teaching and practising yoga and movement regularly, allowed me to notice the things that make me tick. With time, I have branched out my teaching into Pilates flow, mobility, inversions and movement flow.


I love learning, so above all I remain a student. Exploring and connecting ideas from various movement methods, exercise science and somatic disciplines, weaving them into my practice and teaching.

I always look forward to Olga’s movement classes. She creates a calm, welcoming space and her enthusiasm and encouragement is boundless. Olga’s patient and thorough teaching style makes the classes a joy and her sense of humour, priceless!

– Sophie –