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Helping you move freely and efficiently.

I am an Edinburgh (UK) based movement teacher, blending approaches from yoga, Pilates, mobility and prehab. Drawing on my experience as a professional dancer and training in movement science I enjoy guiding playful and creative sessions, infused with a healthy dose of functional anatomy.


I have trained in a variety of movement disciplines; I hold a BA (hons) in dance, a certification in yoga and pilates, and I'm working towards a diploma with Yoga Medicine (a training system inspired by yoga, grounded in understanding of anatomy & kinesiology), and a prehab specialisation with NASM (an anatomically informed training system focused on optimising movement patterns).


My primary focus in group classes and private sessions is optimising movement quality so that you can move and feel better. My interests are primarily based around injury prevention, enhancing joint mobility and stability, improving balance and body awareness.

What people say...

I always look forward to Olga’s movement classes. She creates a calm, welcoming space and her enthusiasm and encouragement is boundless. Olga’s patient and thorough teaching style makes the classes a joy and her sense of humour, priceless!

– Sophie –

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